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Hi hewo~ 🌼

First of all i'm sorry for the long waiting with almost no updates, i've been waiting so i can make a big heads up post but couldn't seem to have some free time till now 🙏💦

On this past weeks i've been busy trying to keep up with shop and comms since attending cons delayed everything a bit, i tried to ship as much orders as possible and work on pending comms i had. Anyways there are still some things left so here's a bit of info:

1º- Tiny harbingers charms preorders: i shipped all the packages i could with the leftovers from cons, the stock ordered took more than expected due to supplier vacations but the box with all the merch will arrive this week. However i'll be out for some time so i won't be able to ship orders until i came back. As soon as i have the charms in hands i'll ship everything quickly!!

2º- Cyno & Tig enamel pins: these are currently in production, these months are always kinda busy for suppliers so it may take time but i'm sure we'll have some news about them soon!

3º-  Last shop update with all the kpop and cons merch: i shipped all the packages i could fullfil with con leftovers, those left will have to wait a bit till i could order stock~ As soon as i came back i'll order it along with some new merch thingies

4º- Scara plushies: hope to ship all the ones that don't include other items on preorder by this week.


And i think that's all for now! If you have any question not answered here please let me know via mail or twitter and i gladly help you as much as i can~ 

Thank you sooo much like always for your eternal patience, you're all the best and hope you have a wonderful day~ 💜

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