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These are so so cute, and the quality is excellent ! I kinda want to buy everything from your shop now ahah

the cutest ever!

i absolutely loved the charms! the quality is amazing and they look even cuter in person~ I had to attach it to my phone case immediately, i love looking at it during the day 💓

Tiny and cute

I only got one of the charms but I regret it so much because I would love to have all eight of them!!
It's been making me company everywhere I go because I hanged it on my phone, and I can't stop looking at it. So tiny and cute!

Super cute!

It gave me a shot of happiness when it arrived. It's so cute and sparkly <3

Ngl highlight of my day

I recommend getting two charms when ordering because seeing the two halves of the magnetic heart come together is absolutely adorable!!! But the charms are cute on there own too!

B and c grade look great!

I bought b and c grade pins and they look so good. Also this pin is so cute, love it <3


I never see any venti merch in his archon outfit. I LOVE IT SM!

So cute !

Looks just like picture and is super cute already planning to buy another one !


La calidad es estupenda y el producto es exactamente como imaginaba. Además, la artista fue majísima resolviendo mis dudas.


Cyno looks so smol and cute!! The little blush... 🥺
The pin looks even better in real than in picture and the quality is really great (I bought the standard grade) so I would totally recommend adopting one!! 🤲🏻 It also makes an amazing match with the Puppy Cyno pin 👀


This pin is such a cute one T^T I'm really glad to have a pin that reminds of Cyno's constellation (it's also original and a good change to characters' pins) to match Nialys's Cyno pin 🥰 It looks even better in real than in picture and I would totally recommend getting one!!

A Sweet Deal

My second batch of Sweet Patisserie charms arrived in the mail, and they are to die for. The quality is top-notch, the designs are very cute, and Nia always provides a lovely customer experience with every product that she offers. I could recommend her work to just about anybody that I know. You will not be disappointed.


Super pretty and a great size, adorable style i love her so much

Really nice charms, good quality and arrived fast.

Halloween Klee Keychain

The charm looks so adorable and is in great condition! It looks amazing!

Most adorable~

The first time I visited this store, my eyes just couldn't leave the sailor kitty!
Now with other items I finally got it and am in LOVE! The material is also great! Much love~☆☆☆☆☆

Super cute!!

This pin is even more adorable in person and the quality is perfect! I love it a lot and can't wait to get something to showcase it in~ ☆☆☆☆☆


I got the sailor bunny and I love it to death! They're great quality in terms of art and print, and the phone grip itself is excellent with 3 different extension options.


These are super super cute and well made! Arrived in great condition and overall quality is great!


I bought two of these washi tapes and they arrived very soon!!! the patterns are so recognizable and clear as well as very nicely put :D worth the money!!

Regarding Halloween Zhongli Keychain

The keychain arrived this week and it's absolutely adorable! It was a great fit for my car keys, and the quality is great
Thank you so much!

love it!

Cuando vi el llaverito de dreamcatcher no dudé en comprarlo, es super bonito y llegó súper bien!!

perfect and adorable

These charms are sooo cute, every design is perfect and it was so hard narrowing down which to get, but I ended up picking Twice and Red Velvet. They're very nice quality and perfectly sized. No troubles with shipping and they were securely packaged!

i love!!

i never knew i needed a twice light stick keychain until i saw this! i immediately purchased and waited patiently to receive one of the most amazing keychains i own! the strap fits perfectly in my phone case and the material is very high quality. i’ve gotten many compliments on it as well! thank you!! <3

the most adorable keychains!!

i ordered the ganyu and kokomi keychains, and i will say that it met far past my expectations! the quality is amazing, and the colors are very vibrant. the art style is so adorable and unique that i wish i can take all of them home! i look forward to more items as such and thank you so much!! <3