Pin Grading Guide

Please keep in mind that all enamel pins are made by hand and individually filled by workers so small differences and imperfections are really normal. Here you can find some detailed information about my pin grading system!

★ Standard Grade

The best ones i offer. These ones contain no major imperfections but due to the handmade process they may exhibit a few of very minor imperfections visible under close inspection such as:

- Small scratches, scuffs or dents on the metal or enamel
- Slightly underfill/overfill in small areas
- Scuffs on the side or back of pin but not in the front
- Slightly misaligned screenprinting

★ B Grade

They have more noticeable flaws but sometimes they don't affect the final product too much, if you look at them from afar they still look perfect! Anyways due to the lower quality they are sold at a discounted price. Some of the imperfections you may find are:

- Noticeable scratches on the metal or enamel
- Quite noticeable staining in enamel
- Underfill/overfill in big areas
- Misaligned or scratched screenprinting

C Grade

The ones with more major noticeable flaws. Despite being the last grade i can tell you most of them still look really good if you're not too picky and they are sold at a really discounted price! You may find imperfectionos such as:

- Completely unfilled areas/missing enamel
- Heavily misaligned or scratched screenprinting
- Deep scratches on the metal or enamel
- Heavily noticeable staining in enamel
- Wrong enamel fill colors in noticeable areas