Do you accept orders placed outside Spain/EU?

Yes! I ship worldwide~




How long will it take to receive my order?

Hi! Shipping time may vary from place to place, but these are some estimated times:
To Spain: around 5-30 business days.
 To Europe: around 20-60 business days.
To other part of the world: around 30-180 business days.

<< There could be delays due the Covid situation. Please keep this in mind >>

Once your order has been confirmed, i'll process and prepare all items, except preorders, for shipping!




It's been a while and i haven't received my package

Hi! Shipping sometimes takes more to deliver depending on countries, just wait a bit more and i hope it arrives to you soon!




Shipments/Lost package/I still haven't received my package.

Hi! Unfortunately i can't control what happens to your package if you choose the regular shipping so I won't take responsibility of lost packages if you don't choose tracked shipping, the decision is up to you.

You can add the tracked shipping to your order clicking on tracked shipping option when check out your purchase on your cart, otherwise your order will be shipped without tracking number and once the package has been sent, I cannot take responsibility of what happens with it.

If you chosed tracked shipping, i'll try my best to help you find your order so it can arrives to you!!




What is your returns/refunds/exchanges policy?

I do not take refunds unless your order hasn't been shipped yet or the preorder period hasn't already end.

If you want to exchange your order you have to contact me in 24 hours before i send them out, if the package is already done and shipped an exchange wouldn't be possible.

Returns cannot be possible unless is for the following circumstances:
The item you received was highly damaged (this wouldn't include damaged items due to poor shipping of the courier, in those case i cannot do anything)
You received the wrong item.




About preorders

Preorders cannot be refunded once the preorder period ends, please make sure you are willing to wait for the long production time before placing your order. However, you'll be able to cancel your order if the preorder is still open.

Preorders will normally take longer times than normal orders cause you're paying for an item that isn't produced yet. Please keep this in mind when preordering an item.

Production and shipping may take around 1 or 3 months depending on the item, feel free to follow me on my social media where i'll update about the preorder status or message me here on etsy.




How can i contact you?

Hi! You can find me on my social media or write me a message here on etsy!
Twitter: @Nialysss
Instagram: @_nialys_