★ Delays on international shipments ★

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Hi hello~!! 🥕
I came back from the con weeks ago and i already started shipping all enamel pin preorders. Some of you already got your items which makes me so happy 🥺💜

I've packed almost half of the Venti & Zhongli enamel pin orders but unfortunately i'm unable to ship the international ones yet cause my post office is out of stock from stamps...
They told me that they ordered them and will probably arrive on friday so hopefully i'll be able to finally ship them by next week tho!!
I'm sorryyyyyyy 🙏💦💦

I'll be packing the rest of orders these days so i can ship out everything asap~

Also friendly reminder that if you want to stay updated you can follow me on twitter (where i'm most active) and use the hashtag #NiaShopUpdate to easily find every shop update ✨

Thank you for everything and have a nice monday~~~~

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